Monday, February 23, 2009

Wedding plans

Tony and I finally have written permission from Severn Trent to have our wedding reception here:
Bratch Water Pumping Station
It is The Bratch Pumping Station, in Wombourne near Wolverhampton.
A bit of History....
Following the mid nineteenth century cholera outbreaks in Bilston (1832, 1849 and 1857), the provision of pure drinking water became a legal requirement (Public Health Act 1848). After an unsuccessful start by using water pumped from mines, Bilston allowed neighbouring Wolverhampton to supply its water, both domestically and to industry. However, following a legal dispute with Wolverhampton Corporation over the costs of water supply, the Bratch Pumping Station was built in 1895 by Bilston Urban District Council to ensure an independent supply. The best site for water extraction was recommended to be from the underlying Bunter sand beds in the Bratch area, near Wombourne, some 6 or 7 miles from Bilston.

The water pumping station was formally opened in 1897, using two steam engines, called Alexandra and Victoria.
For some 60 years, from 1897 to 1960, steam engines pumped water through brick-lined wells from the Bunter sandstone about 160 feet below ground. It was then pumped to a purpose built reservoir some 3 ¾ miles away and 345 feet higher on the Wolverhampton/Bilston border whence it was distributed by gravity to Bilston. Steam pumping ceased in 1960, as electric pumps, backed up by emergency diesel engines, were introduced to continue the work.

"Victoria" has been restored to full working condition by the "Friends of the Bratch." The engine is "steamed" twice a year by The Friends, of which Tony is a member.
Here is the top of Victoria inside the pumping station (and a very excited Groom-to-be).
Bratch Water Pumping Station

Bratch Water Pumping Station
The building on the left below will house the wedding breakfast and the dancing later, we are hoping to set up outdoor furniture on the hardstanding outside in the hope that it will sunny enough on the 11th July to spend most of the day outside!
Bratch Water Pumping Station
If anyone knows any good Indian caterers, Hog Roast people, furniture hire people, florists or wedding photographers in the West Midlands area please let me know - there is a lot of planning to do!

I'd better get on with my wedding shawl!
Here is a sneaky peak of the detailing on my dress. <

I can't decide if I want a triangular shawl, a rectangle, something that would sit better on my shoulders or possibly even a shrug. Endless hours of searching Ravelry haven't come up with anything I absolutely *must* make. I did see this picture on a fellow knitters blog and thought the shape of her shrug was perfect. In my head I wasnt something lightweight and lacy that covers just the tops of my arms and not too much of my back (as there is detailing on the back of my dress too) I am wondering if a top down raglan would work with a simple lace design - what do you think? Any thoughts/helpful hints greatfully received!


Kate said...

My brain is all fuggy this morning; thank goodness for Ravelry! You've probably seen this pattern: and it's the wrong weight, really, but it might be a good starting point for something that warms your shoulders but doesn't cover up your dress, which looks lovely from the tiny sneak peek. :-)

Roobeedoo said...

What about the Convertible?
This shows a short adaptation. In fact I bet you could make your own variation!
That dress detail is so tantalising!

Anonymous said...

Nice dress Roo :) I promise to send a hen update after tomorrow night when me & Kerry are having a meeting... all in hand, watch this space. Lolx

Dawn said...

Sounds like a fantastic place to hold your reception, very unusual (in a nice way!)

I love that link for the shrug - it might be better than a shawl which might get in the way. I can't think ofany patterns, but a top down shrug sounds the way to go. You can probably add flutter sleeves somehow. Many years ago Knitters (I think) had an issue which was wedding themed (in my eyes!) and I'm sure there was a top down short cardigan in there - but maybe mohair. It must be about 5 years ago though!

Maggie said...

Perhaps this one?

It is called "Wrapped in Tradition" and is from the book Wrapped Style by Ann Budd and Pam Allen.

Anonymous said...

Lovely location for a wedding - this chappie does wedding photography - we went to school together MANY years ago, so I can vouch for him being a good egg.
Hope it all goes well - there's a lot of fun to be had in the planning!

Anna said...

What a wonderful place to have a wedding reception in!!!

Claire said...

I noticed these people advertised in my mother in laws parish news if that's any help? I can't vouch for them personally tho, I'm a veggie.

Photography wise, I love this lady's work, she's in Stafford

Lovely venue choice, I love those water buidings, such attention to detail.