Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Letter G

There is no knitting to report - I've trapped a nerve in my neck and can't knit or crochet - so when I saw this post over at Natalie's blog, I thought it was perfect to get me back blogging.

The idea is that you ask in the comments for a letter and one is sent to you at random. You then blog about ten things you love beginning with that letter.

Natalie sent me the wonderfully curvy letter G

1. Goals
Football is an important part of my life. I've been a season ticket holder at Wolverhampton Wanderers for most of the last 15 years. This year I've seen lots of goals, and we are riding high at the top of the division. Fingers crossed we are still there at the end of the season. Goals make me happy :o)

2. Gardens and Gardening
I love having a garden. We now have lots of green grass where there was once mud and borders to plant in the spring. I am itching to get started.

3. Greenhouse

veg garden 004
My greenhouse was a gift from our next door neighbour. It was her husbands retirement present from work in the early 1980's. It had been sitting doing nothing on the other side of the fence for about 15 years since he died. I am very happy to give it a new lease of life. Last year it supplied me with tomatoes, chillis and cucumbers - the chilli plants are overwintering in there at the moment - although I'm not sure how well they are doing, as it has been as low as -11 degrees in there according to the thermometer. Hmm.

4. Games
I love games, especially board games. Risk is a favourite but it is very hard to find who like to play! Tony refuses to play virtually anything except Mr & Mrs, which causes very amusing arguments. We played sardines on my 30th birthday - and lost my friend Kerry for what seemed like hours.

5. Gowns
I am in a quandry over gowns at the moment - I had my heart set on making my wedding dress, but I tried on the most magical dress with my bridesmaids at the weekend. It made me very happy and I think I may have to buy it.

6. Geography
I loved my Geography A level and I did a Geography degree at Sheffield university. Unfortunately I don't get to use much of it on a day to day basis - but I can still point out a good glacial feature like a Roche Moutonne or a Drumlin when we go to the Lake District!

7. Gloves
I haven't knit any yet, but I really want to.

8. Gnomes
Tomos and Denzel, they have to make you smile.
Sion Corn (Tomos) - Christmas GnomeDenzel the Christmas Gnome
9. Goldfish
Just after university I bought my friend Cath two goldfish for her birthday. She called them Ruth & Cath. Ruth died, and then Cath was left with a goldfish called Cath - which made her seem particularly egocentric! It still makes me laugh to think of her explaining the whole story to anyone who wanted to know what her fish was called.
10. Groom
My groom-to-be is wonderful and I love him very much :o)

If you would like a letter, let me know in the comments and I'll send one over!


Annette said...

Ouch, poor you!! Hope it gets better soon..not being able to knit/crochet must be so frustrating :o(
I'll have a letter (although it might take me a day or two to think about the response..)

P.S. If you love the dress, buy it! One less thing to worry about in the run up to the big day...

Roobeedoo said...

New sides of Roo I never suspected!Go on then - chuck me a letter!
(And buy the dress!!!)

tea and cake said...

Hi there, sorry to hear about your sore neck - must be very frustrating for you. Hope you are better, soon.

Yes, please for the letter.

And, Yes, Do Buy THE Dress - you'll not be happy with anything else, now.

Esther said...

Sorry to hear about the nerve in your neck, my sister has done that before and she said it really hurt! Go for it with the dress - you'll know it when you see it and it will take some of the stress away from you that making your own dress will do!

Bryony Ramsden said...

Hope the nerve is improving. Chuck a letter over at me :)

Ammerins said...

Get well soon!!! Then get knitting some gloves!

And can I tell you I'm GREEN with envy over your greenhouse... It's exactly what I want... My biggest wish, dream, what have u... but it will have to wait, because A: we've no space in the garden and the allotment is not big enough for it and B: these greenhouses cost money... Back to s: saving!

Pat said...

Great idea. Love your greenhouse. Send me a letter too please.

Twelfthknit said...

You should be at my house - son and husband both like to play Risk and many other board games.

knittingozfan said...

I'd like a letter please - lovin the knomes!

SewIknit2 said...

Hi Ruth! I nominated you for the Kreative Blogger Award thingie thats going around, pick it up from my blog and pass it on if you want, etc.

Happy knitting!
hugs. Sue

Aknita said...

I do hope your trapped nerve improves soon. Don't rush it though.

This looks fun -I'd like a letter please if I may.

Which radio staion to gnomes listen to?

The Gnome Service!

clarabelle said...

Great to read your 'G's!

I'm very much with you on goals (football), gardening, greenhouses and games (Monopoly being one!).

I would love a 'letter'!

clarabelle said...

ps oops, and did mean to say sorry to hear about your neck. No knitting? The horror...

pps and your FL looks fantastic on you!

Bryony Ramsden said...

I could have sworn I asked for a letter :( Maybe I broke the internet :( But Yay for everything, hope your nerve is better and throw me a letter :D

Please :)

Anonymous said...

I'm in. Please send me a letter, too!
And, I hope your neck is all better (or well on the way to a full recovery). I have had my share of neck problems, so I feel for you!