Wednesday, September 03, 2008

A fabulous weekend in store...

I can't wait for it to be Friday evening. I have the most wonderful weekend planned and I'm so excited.

I'm going to see Ash at the Roundhouse in Camden on Friday night. They are playing the whole of "1977" which is one of my favourite albums ever (as well as being the best year to be born in!). In fact, "Girl From Mars" has always been "my song". Yipeeeee.

Now I'm in Wolverhampton, I don't see Kerry nearly enough, so I'm looking forward to jumping around with her like we are still 18 on Friday and spending some "quality time" with her over the course of the weekend.

Then on Saturday it is iKnit. I'm meeting Delle, who is my UK Swap co-host, at Kings Cross and we will be venturing down to Victoria in time to see the talk from Jane Sowerby.

I don't really know what to expect, as I didn't go last year. Will it be really weird to meet lots of people I "know" from blogs and Ravelry? I expect so, but I am still looking forward to it. I'll be wearing my Ravelry badge and looking like my Ravelry avatar - please say hello if you see me!
I must remember to pack my camera!
I must make a shopping list too. There isn't anything I am desperate to buy, which is probably a bad sign. I have to pick up some Malabrigo sock yarn from Alice at Socktopus as the Post Office appears to have lost my order. Grrr. I'm sure I'll be tempted by lots and lots of yummy sock yarn... does anyone have any recommendations?

On Sunday Kerry and I are meeting an old school friend for a long awaited catch up, and I'll be giving her the tiny socks I made, she is 8 months pregnant! I think we'll be chilling out in and around Spitalfields, one of my favourite things to do on a Sunday in London.

Now, train knitting.... how to decide what to take?

The blanket is going well:
Hexagon Baby Blanket

I have 9 more hexagons to add. I then have to decide what to do with the gaps on the side.

Hexagon Baby Blanket

Should I fill them in in cream? Or should I try and Make some half hexagons? Any suggestions? Maybe I need to have a hunt around Ravelry to see what I like, I'm quite happy with the other edge being zig-zaggy!

I've also started a pair of socks for my Hogwarts Sock Swap pal, Horcrux using Bright Dyes Gryffindor yarn. These should be fairly easy iknit knitting!

Horcrux Socks

Should I bring along my Secret of the Stole too? I have 3 hours on the train on Sunday.which is always good lace knitting time... decisions decisions.


scarletprincess said...

Well sounds like a fun-packed weekend for sure! I like the shallower zigzag edge but maybe the half hexagon side should be plainer, if not necessarily cream?
Love those horcrux socks, I've seen someone else make some of those.
Have fun xxxxx

Bryony Ramsden said...

Weee! You are going to have a fab weekend :D And you so need LOTS of Malabrigo sock - I just got some in the post and it is stupidly soft and gorgeous yum yum.

Roobeedoo said...

That sounds like a brilliant weekend you have planned! Horcrux is an interesting solution for stripey yarn - hadn't noticed that pattern before. Might have to use it myself! And yes I think you should listen to Bryony - LOTS of malabrigo!

Dawn said...

Your blanket's coming on in leaps and bounds, it's looking great! I'd fill in the edges, it'll make it look a little more finished (that's for the recipient's benefit, I think it looks nice as is). I agree, maybe a plainer half hexagon?

I'm very excited about iknit, not sure if I'll wear a ravelry badge!

Dawn said...

oops - forgot to say I love your horcrux. Not that the pattern is difficult but it might be an idea to start the second one now, so you can just knit when you get to ikl!
I find even the plainest pattern is difficult when I'm chatting!

Lin said...

Your blanket is just lovely. Have a great time at the weekend!

Esther said...

the blanket is looking great and I just love the socks - are they knitted on a circular needle? Haven't been brave enough to try that yet!

TangledFrog said...

Absolutely love that blanket! Wish I wasn't crochet impaired! Hope to see you at I-Knit!

Kazza said...

I LOVE those socks, the colours are ace! Ash are great, Ive seen them a couple of times, you'll have a fab night.

wendy said...

Have a fab things are getting a bit more stable here at chez Beckett I'm trying to get back out there in the blog world so will call again soon :)