Wednesday, March 07, 2007

KnitClub is Back

I have been along to the Wolverhampton Knit and Knatter session in Beatties for the last few weekends and have really enjoyed myself so I thought it was time I pulled my finger out and organised something on a week night in Birmingham.
I emailed the group who meet on a Saturday in the Library to see if there was any interest and a few people said yes! Horay!
So the first meeting of Brum Knit Night will be on TUESDAY 20TH MARCH from 6PM in either the Shakespeare or Briar Rose pub (both are non-smoking). I just have to go and ask if they mind us knitting in there! If you want to join us, leave me a comment or drop me a line at rooknits AT (nospam) googlemail DOT com.
No pictures today, but I have finished my Posh Yarns Cashmere Fetching handwarmers and I have worn them every day despite the fact I haven't blocked them.
I really really really want to make a ripple blanket, despite the fact that there are now no potential babies to knit for (come on friends, get pregnant, I need to make another blanket NOW!) I have the book, I probably have enough wool too.
oooh must go, because I've just seen the new Knitty is up and I need to look before bed!


wendy said...

Roo - good luck with the knit club, have fun. And well done on the colour spotting on my blog - you are right, it is Desert Flower

Anonymous said...

Hiya I would love to join the knitting group. Could you let me know the details once they are finalised.