Sunday, March 18, 2007

1995 - A good year for music?

I saw this meme on Wendy's blog and thought it was an excellent idea.
So, you take the top 50 records from the year you were 18 from this website, post the list and then -
bold the ones you liked,
strike the ones you disliked
and italicize the ones you knew but didn’t particularly like or dislike.
The ones you don’t know will still be in normal text.
So, here are the top 50 songs from 1995.
1995 to me means britpop, A levels and moving to University in Sheffield. I think the list below shows thigns a little differently!

UNCHAINED MELODY c/w (THERE'LL BE BLUEBIRDS OVER) THE WHITE CLIFFS OF DOVER Robson Green & Jerome Flynn There is too much Robson & Jerome near the top of this list

GANGSTA'S PARADISE Coolio featuring LV I am and am never likely to be into gansta rap!

I BELIEVE c/w UP ON THE ROOF Robson Green & Jerome Flynn see above - shocking

BACK FOR GOOD Take That Although I probably wouldn't admit it at the time, I was a little partial to take that, and remember buying the greatest hits from Virgin in Sheffield whilst hoping noone would see me!

THINK TWICE Celine Dion Eeeek

EARTH SONG Michael Jackson There was also too much Jackson this year

FAIRGROUND Simply Red I cannot stand Mick.

YOU ARE NOT ALONE Michael Jackson see above

MISSING Everything But The Girl This song reminds me of going to visit my friend Matt at Birmingham Uni for some reason!

WONDERWALL Oasis Not the best song ever, but it is one of the tunes of the year for me

BOOM BOOM BOOM The Outhere Brothers What?

COUNTRY HOUSE Blur Ahh the war between Blur & Oasis for number one, I bought this single (even though it is probably one of Blur's worst) to show where my loyalties lay - sucked in totally.

FATHER AND SON Boyzone I probably hated this at the time, but feel fairly neutral on it now

DON'T STOP (WIGGLE WIGGLE) The Outhere Brothers the outhere brothers, whatever happened to them?

BOOMBASTIC Shaggy This makes me laugh....

COTTON EYE JOE Rednex There was no need for this.

SET YOU FREE N-Trance Again, I probably hated this at the time.

WHO THE F**K IS ALICE? Smokie featuring Roy Chubby Brown There was no need for this either.

HOLD ME, THRILL ME, KISS ME, KILL ME U2 Never been a big U2 fan.

ROLL WITH IT Oasis Another A levels song for me.

GUAGLIONE Perez 'Praz' Prado & his Orchestra - I have no idea what this is but am tempted to look it up on itunes

I'LL BE THERE FOR YOU The Rembrandts - reminds me of Friday evenings sitting on horribly uncomfortable kitchen chairs in my uni flat watching my tiny portable TV for our weekly dose of friends.

TWO CAN PLAY THAT GAME Bobby Brown Never liked him!

HERE COMES THE HOTSTEPPER Ini Kamoze - I am going to have this in my head for the rest of the week now.

SHY GUY Diana King - Don't remember this either

IT'S OH SO QUIET Bjork - Always shocks me when it comes on my ipod when I'm on a train because you never hear the start!

NEVER FORGET Take That Probably my fave TT song!

DON'T GIVE ME YOUR LIFE Alex Party Again, I probably hated this at the time!

WATERFALLS TLC Another one to get stuck in your head

SCATMAN (SKI-BA-BOP-BA-DOP-BOP) Scatman John What on earth is a scatman?

SOME MIGHT SAY Oasis Generic Oasis, but good all the same

YOU'LL SEE Madonna I hardly remember this Madonna song at all

THUNDER East 17 ditto madonna, I can't really remember it

STAYIN' ALIVE N-Trance featuring Ricardo Da Force There was no need

I'D LIE FOR YOU (AND THAT'S THE TRUTH) Meatloaf Would he? I don't think so

COMMON PEOPLE Pulp - I love this song!

FANTASY Mariah Carey I cannot stand her. It is making my ears hurt just thinking about it

I'VE GOT A LITTLE SOMETHING FOR YOU MN8 Another one to get stuck in my head

KISS FROM A ROSE '95 c/w I'M ALIVE Seal Don't hate it, don't love it.

DREAMER Livin' Joy Now this is stuck in my head!

HEAVEN FOR EVERYONE Queen Don't remember it

FREE AS A BIRD The Beatles

LOVE CAN BUILD A BRIDGE Cher, Chrissie Hynde, Neneh Cherry and Eric Clapton [Comic Relief '95] It was for Charity!

Baby D
Whatever happened to Baby D? Baby D were at our Freshers Ball!


THE BOMB! (THESE SOUNDS FALL INTO MY MIND) The Bucketheads Now this is in my head. AGGGGGGHHHHH

WONDERWALL The Mike Flowers Pops Did someone really cover wonderwall?

TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE HEART Nicki French Who was Nikki French?

ALRIGHT c/w TIME Supergrass A britpop classic

MIS-SHAPES c/w SORTED FOR E'Z & WIZZ Pulp And another!

What songs were in the top 50 the year you were 18?

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J said...

Oh dear my 18th year was TRAGIC! Really "TRUE - Spandau Ballet" was the best bet though I probably wasn't too keen back then (a rocker chick!). I remember listening to Blondie, Pink Floyd, Queen, Led Zep, Rush, Blue Oyster Cult etc etc., I can see why looking at this list!