Saturday, March 10, 2007

Parcels and Progress

Lots of parcels have been arriving at my house this week.
This is the best one. The reveal package from my Sockret Pal Hazel. Although it didn't contain any socks as Hazel has been ill, it did contain lots of other wonderful things that more than make up for the lack of socks! What was I saying the other day about wanting more STR? I also added this book to my Amazon wishlist the other day... I'll have to take it off again now :0)

Some fab labels also arrived. I had forgotten I'd ordered them so it was a nice surprise. I can't wait to finish something and be able to sew in my own label! More yarn has also arrived (much to Tony's disgust). All of it with projects in mind.
I want to join in and make a Ripple Afghan. I bought Jan Eaton's ripple book a while ago. I have quite a bit of DB Baby Cashmerino left over from previous blankets, and I have been collecting a bit more this week courtesy of ebay. I'll show you the colours when it all arrives.
The yarn has also arrived to make Carys a Princess cardigan for her 3rd Birthday (Rowan Wool Cotton in 3 shades of green) and the yarn for Kerry's birthday present... but I can't reveal any more than that at the moment!
And now for some more knitting..... Otto Owl for my mom for Mother's Day next weekend.

I don't think I've shared James' birthday tie either. Slow progress as it is on 2mm needles... but I'm liking it so far. Only James could want a knitted tie!I have also been working on the socks for my Sockret Pal. One is about 3/4 finished, and a sock in a week isn't bad going for me. Should get it finished on my trip to Nottingham tomorrow.
Off to finish my crocheted Chilli Pepper to add to a card for Tony's Dad for his birthday. Tony is making him a pork pie. I'll let you know how it turns out!


wendy said...

Love those labels! I've been meaning to get myself some for ages...where did you get them?
btw - I assume Tony is making a *real* pork pie as opposed to a crocheted or woodwork one????

Queen Frogger said...

That owl is great. Our local C&H had one knitted up. The labels are a lovely idea too.

Rebecca said...

your labels are lovely, where did you find them? or is that one of those kitterly secrets in which if you told me, you'd have to frog me?