Thursday, February 08, 2007

Meet Boris

After a day at work what is better than to come home and build a snowman?
Nothing, apparently, by the look on my face!There was virtually no snow in Wolverhampton when I left for work this morning. It snowed all day in Birmingham and there were lots of teenagers by the cathedral at lunchtime building snowmen and throwing snowballs, I was very jealous. I came home tonight to about 2.5 inches of snow. More than enough to build Boris.
Token knitting content - the Posh Sock that is now mine instead of Tony's.
Have a good week. I'll be back with tales of the Eden Valley next weekend.


J said...

Ah - your comments are back!

I delighted you got your snow and Boris is indeed rather fabulous. Also I am so pleased you managed to whip up a knitted scarf for him!

Lizzy said...

Excellent snowman ! Puts my effort to shame. You are a woman of many talents.

wendy said...

Wonderful snowman - isn't it amazing how simple things like building a snowman or playing on a swing can take us right back to childhood and bring so much joy and fun? Makes you realise that our lives are full of too much worry and stress about non-important things and we should try to do one childish thing each week just for our own well-being.
Hope you had a lovely time in Eden Valley - not a part of Cumbria I know well but sure it was wonderful

TutleyMutley said...

You are lucky you got any snow at all! Down yer in Devon it seemed to miss us completely :-(
Never mind - travelled all the way to Wales and found some!