Sunday, October 08, 2006

Yet another pair of Jaywalkers

Finally I can show you the other pair of birthday socks, Kim was 30 yesterday and these made it safely through the post to Manchester!

Pattern: Jaywalkers (my 3rd pair) - with a picot edge instead of the ribbing
Yarn: Regia which I bought from Utrect. I can't find the ball band to tell you which one.
Started: 14th September
Completed: 5th October (with a break in the middle to knit the other 30th Birthday socks!)

Now it is time for something other than socks.....Here is the most recent progress picture on the baby blanket for Dan & Kate's baby (due at the end of October. I took two pictures, as I can't decide which I like best! The square with 4 smaller squares inside is set to be the middle. I'm not sure whether to mix up the colours and keep the patterns the same (as in 1) or keep the colours the same and mix up the patterns (as in 2). Whichever way. I still have at least 14 squares to go, and maybe more if I decide to make it bigger! I have discovered that I can just about fit the 5 balls into my bag for work, meaning I can crochet them on my commute!
I have also started making Odessa for my friend Kerry's mum who is having Chemo at the moment, no pictures as yet, and having realised I don't have a 4mm circular needle or any dpn's I think I might have to do a bit of web shopping in a minute!
I went to the knit n' natter group at Beatties yesterday and met a couple more people. Liz (I think) was making the most amazing top for her daughter out of the Rowan 40 magazine, it is called Glade. I was completely in awe, it looks stunning!
Off to see if I can finally make my ipod talk to Tony's computer. All I have managed to do so far is wipe off my 7000 odd songs. I am not a happy bunny.


Maggie said...

I vote for pic #1!

Chin up bunny...

kerrie said...

I also like the first pic..

Kerry said...

Another vote for number 1. I can't believe you wiped your ipod! Ack. If there is anything you need that I might have let me know (since lots of my music was stolen from you in the first place!) X

Anonymous said...

Hello... I am your Secret (not Sockret!) Pal for SP9 -- I'm watching! But not in a scary stalkery way.

Very, very impressed at your sock skills.

SP x

penny said...

It's color 5440. ;) [i finally finished my /first/ pair of jaywalkers.]

very nice!