Thursday, October 26, 2006

Roo Returns

Not quite sure how it has managed to be 2 weeks between posts.... life has obviously taken over! I've had two lovely weekends away with friends in Surrey and Hampshire. There has been some time for knitting... Odessa is finished and ready to send to Kerry's mum.
Pattern - Odessa from Magknits. Modifications - possibly made it a tiny bit shorter than the pattern suggested as it is for a small head. If I was knitting this for anyone but myself or Kerry's mum I would definately have made it bigger and added more ribbing as it is very small!
Yarn - Rowan Calmer I bought in the sale in Beatties in Wolverhampton, for about £2 a ball. I used less than one ball. It is a fantasic wool to use for hats as it is a bit stretchy and so so soft. Beads are from Nostalgia (I bought at the NEC show and can't find the website for at the moment)
Started Mid September. Finished 21st October. But probably only about 3 hours knitting!

The blanket progress.... yes, I've decided on another layout (after spending about 2 hours laying out the squares in lots of different ways). 7 more squares to add (3 are done but not photographed) and then the border to add. It will be a 5x5 square when finished.
And the sockwars socks - part 2. These were sent last Friday back to the USA. It seems my socks of doom are also on their way from my assassin. She emailed me to tell me she read the pattern incorrectly - so I am intrigued to see what they look like!
A very quick update for everyone. There might be more this evening....


wendy said...

I *love* Odessa! Where is the pattern from? What's the yarn?

Bryony said...

Oooo, lovely Odessa. Loving the blanket too :D I know you keep moving the squares around, but they all look fab!