Wednesday, October 04, 2006

30th Birthday Socks and Holidays

Here is the proud recipient of the second pair of 30th Birthday socks this year. They fit AND he wore them all day (probably just to humour me) but I think they were a success. Had a fantastic weekend in Dublin Lots of food and even more Guinness and virtually no knitting at all. It rained a lot, but not that you would know from this photo.... the only one that doesn't feature drunken people in a pub! It is the spire in the centre of O'Connell street in Dublin.
On the sock wars front, I think I am just about understanding what is going on.
I have killed Ketutar, who has killed Celtic Queen, who killed Smorto3, who killed Shoemouse, who has sent the socks to kill BoyforPele13 - he is on his second sock at the moment. If he dies before he has finished then I will get his socks to finish, otherwise I have to do a bit more investigation as to who is next in the chain. I wonder if/when I will get another pair to knit.... I now know what is happening with the assassin end of things too.... PhillyPa has killed La Soquette, who killed That Knitting Chick. That Knitting Chick has killed AutumnLeaves..... so that means PhillyPa must be after my assassin... Agent Thorn! Clear as mud? I thought so.


socksmad said...


socksmad said...

Those socks look super! Sounds like y'all had a super time in Dublin. One day i hope to visit the UK and sample some authentic Guinness.

Tell me, the guy in the Blue socks, is he really 30??!! He has very handsome, athletic feet. Please post some more photos of his feet - I will pay.