Thursday, October 12, 2006

4 parcels and a new baby

Well it seems that Harriet Rebecca could not wait until her blanket was finished to make her entrance into the world. Hattie Bea was born on Tuesday, 3 weeks early, and only 1/2 of her blanket is finished. So I made her some socks to keep her toes warm until it is finished. I hope they fit, they seem so tiny, but then I guess she will be too! (Mum and baby all doing well btw)

So that's the baby, what about the parcels? I got back from Manchester today to find:
1. Unfinished socks from my Sockwars target's target's target's target's target (BoyforPele13) today. I must say, for a beginner her has done a sterling job. They are so soft and lovely. I hope I end up with such fab socks! I hope to finish these this weekend and send them off to the next target (who is also furiously knitting). 2. These fantastic pouches I bought from Ysolda. One for me and one for my secret pal 9 (when I eventually figure out who she is, as it is all a bit of a mix up at the moment). I am having great trouble deciding which to give away. I put the sock wool and needles into the purple one earlier... but not the gray and peppermint one matches the sock wars socks so much better! What is a girl to do? Thanks for the extra something too :0)
3. Some heavy plastic bead stuffing for making more Chrismas gnomes like this one
4. A book for my Sockret Pal. It is "And So to Bed" by Lucinda Guy. Now I've looked through it I want it. Lots of great things, I hope she will like it.
That's it from me for the week, off to London for the weekend, visiting friends and working there on Monday and Tuesday. Have a good one!


ysolda said...

so it isn't always true that babies arrive as soon as their knits are done, then? Those tiny socks are adorable :) Where, oh where did you get the heavy bead stuffing from?

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to let you know in case you hadn't read on my blog that H had her baby a month early also - and on my birthday! She's a tiny little dot of a thing and is called Keira Kate and I have been spoiling her lots. i cn't unfortunately knit though! Well not very well anyway!

Javajem said...

The baby socks are so cute!! I can't wait to see the finished picture of the baby blanket too. So far the squares look lovely.

Oh and I am lusting after your needles and needle holder - what a great friend you have!
-SP9 hostess Jody