Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Socks, socks and more socks.

Being in Wolverhampton with no friends to go out with (apart from lovely Tony) is doing wonders for the knitting productivity. As are the train/bus journeys.
Firstly, another pair of socks for you. Jaywalkers, in Lana Gross Cotton Spirit. These are Lauren's birthday present and they have reached their destination, so hopefully it is safe to show them now! I made these with2.5mm needles rather than 2.25mm which the pattern calls for. The last pair I made were a little large, so this time I decreased the number of stitches between each inc/dec to 5 from 7. They were a bit tight, so I hope they fit!I love the stripeyness of them and the cotton has been great to knit with.
Check out my new lambskin rug underneath the Jaywalkers; isn't it fab? I got a little excited when I saw them on Stacey's blog; as I've wanted a brown sheepskin rug for ages. Tony was glad it wasn't wool or shoes that arrived in the package! You too can own one from here
The sock knitting is continuing at a pace... I've still got some Curious Yarns fairground left that I have used to make these teeny tiny socks for one of Tony's friends new arrival. They should definately be finished tonight; how satisfting. I think I might have to knit some more with my leftovers for the other recent arrivals!
nu=3286>;44>689>WSNRCG=3233:5<3:637;nu0mrj"> And finally, yes another new sock. I'm not really sure how I have got so far on this one! It is on 3mm needles, so it is speeding along. I'm making it with Lana Grossa Inca, and I was intending to make the socks on the front of this book that I bought from Stash in Putney.On the Non-Knitting front, everything seems to be going fine. I've been to see a couple of houses, haven't done anything more about selling the flat. Work is good, really interesting with lots to learn and it's busy which makes the day go really quickly! I'm missing my friends, and sad I can't go out for birthday drinks with Lol tomorrow but this is the way things have to be. I wouldn't have a boy making me curry whilst I blog if I was in London!


Annette said...

Hi Ruth,
If you want some knitting company, why not join us in Beatties Saturday afternoon or Tuesday lunchtime, have a word with Rose the Rowan rep.about times.
We meet in the Bistro Saturdays, and Cafe Beatties Tuesdays and can offer plenty of chat and good company, several Bloggers amongst us!

Annette said...

The Saturday group meet between 3 and 5 in the Bistro. It hasn't been so well attended recently as the Tuesday meeting, I can only go occasionally. Rose will be there next Saturday, 19th, then away until 16th September. It always tends to go a bit quiet in August.
Hope to meet up with you sometime.