Thursday, June 22, 2006

Some more socks

If only they were a pair...Unfortunately they are just two views of the same sock. Simple ribbed socks from Vogue's Socks 2 for my boy. In the especially non-itchy Lorna's Laces. I only hope the second sock pools in the same way! I promised him they would look like this so I hope his isn't too disappointed.
I got bored with socks the other night (sorry Bry I'm still not done with Argyle sock number 1 - only about 12 more rows of the pattern and then some ribbing to go - I'm not clever enough to manage it on the train)
I decided to open up my Crochet Blocks book again and for some instant satisfaction picked up a 9mm hook and some cotton tape I bought in the JL sale at Christmas. I have this duck egg blue and some brown that match my lounge perfectly so I'm going to try and make a cube footstool type thing. This is one ball so far, nearly cushion sized! Certainly was instant satisfaction (unlike the England game - hope we play better on Sunday.)


Anonymous said...

Don't you just love the 200 blocks book I got it a couple months ago and LOVE it :) Have you recieved my little package yet?


Bronte said...

Lovely colour of Lorna's Laces. I'm adding that to my wishlist! Re: small books with squared paper - I tried the "art" section of WHSmith and there were only blank sketchbooks. Maybe paper manufacturers think that you don't want to use squared paper once you've left school!

Bryony said...

Oooo you bugger... You had me all excited to see someone else's version. You monkey ;)