Tuesday, June 13, 2006

30 Things About Me

In preparation for her 30th birthday Kerrie over at Hipknits has asked us to share 30 things about ourselves with the prospect of winning £30 worth of HipKnits yarn... how could I resist. Here are mine:

1. I am terrified of lobsters, over the years my fear has lessened slightly and I can now just about cope with pictures of them..
2. I have purple carpet in my bedroom... and I chose it
3. Anything stripey makes me happy (but perhaps not a stripey lobster)
4. I am very messy
5. I hate not knowing where I am going and need a map if I am going somewhere I haven't been before
6. I like to count when I am waiting for the bus or train, it passes the time and I try and guess what number I will get to before the bus/train arrives
7. If I can knit and count at the same time that is perfect
8. I have a scar on my knee from falling over on the way to my GCSE maths exam. I spent the whole exam with blood running down my leg, yuck!
9. I am not very tall, 5ft 3"
10. But my feet are quite big, size 7.
11. I am clumsy
12. I love lists and have a book that I write them in (that is stripey)
13. I work for a bank but never see any money
14. I work in a library with no books, but I am a librarian of sorts
15. I like growing vegetables but don't have much room. One day I would like to have an allotment or big veg patch
16. I don't go swimming as often as I promise myself I will
17. I live on my own (most of the time)
18. I have recently discovered the joys of crochet
19. I hate hate hate the foundation chain
20. I like to be able to buy yarn whilst on holiday, preferably something I can't get at home (pictures of yarn from Holland soon)
21. I wish I could knit as fast as my mom.
22. I still bite my nails
23. I am a long suffering Wolverhampton Wanderers fan
24. My favourite toy is called Muffet and he still sleeps in my bed when I get lonely or sad
25. I never thought I would enjoy knitting socks, but I do
26. I can't believe how many balls of "socks to be" I have accumulated in such a short time
27. I believe sausage and mash to be the best comfort food in the world (but only good sausages with loads of onion gravy... yum)
28. I find it funny that there are people out there who want to read this
29. I am nosy which is why I like to read lots of other blogs
30. I will be 30 next May


Dee said...

That's what I want for tea - sausage and mash! Thanks!!

kerry said...

Your list is lovely and poetic, Ruth. Plus, I totally agree about the foundation chain. So cool to get back from hols and have all these posts to read... See you soon! K

J said...
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J said...

I am so glad that a fellow Mash Anonymous potential attendee exists out there! Mash lovers unite!