Thursday, June 15, 2006

Eye Candy

I had two parcels to collect from the post office today. Unfortunately one of them was the parcel I sent to my secret pal in Canada before I went on holiday. It was returned because there was no name of the sender on the outside of the envelope (even though there was a return address). So a warning to those of you sending parcels to Canada. I have re-labeled it and it will be going back in the post tomorrow (luckily at no extra charge).
The other contained these amazing things from my One Skein Pal. A skein of Colinette Mohair which is just such amazing shades of purple and blue with a bit of grey and gold mixed in. There is 100g here so I should definately be able to make something really fun from it. I have no real idea what yet, so any ideas would be very welcome! Also in my package were some pom-pom makers, a very funky felt flower brooch (which is now pinned to my brown velvet jacket and matches my Clapotis perfectly!) and a lovely embroidered card. Thank you One Skein Pal. It was a perfect little package.
And to complete the week, we have a picture of the sock wool I managed to buy in a little shop in Utrect. I was very restrained and only bought 4 balls (two of each) as I already have enough wool for about 3 thousand pairs of socks. (Well, maybe about 6 actually, but still).
Have a lovely weekend everyone. I'm off to Wolverhampton to see my boy and watch some more football (hopefully). I love the world cup, pity TonyTiger isn't as keen!

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Emma said...

Beautiful yarn from your pal. And I love the new sock yarn. Self-striping is so fun!