Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Felted Entrelac Bag

The pattern was kind of made up, vaguely using some entrelac instructions I found here and here and from the jumper pattern my mum sent to me. I started as I did for the Booga Bag, and garter stitched a rectangle and then picked up all the stitches and started knitting in the round, I did 2 rounds before starting on the base triangles. I figured as I was felting it, it wouldn't matter if there were a few mistakes/holes, and luckily it didn't. I then knitted two garter stitch "flaps" onto the top to use to secure the handles (you can see these better in the before picture). The handles are wooden and came from a magic haberdashery shop the lady in Liberty pointed me to called Kleins on Noel Street (just off Berwick Street). It was like an Aladdin's Cave of sewing accessories, and it was really busy too. They have a massive selection of bag handles (and everything else haberdashery wise you could ever want it seems). You can also buy online.
I am going to finish off with a loop of wool which goes across the top and big wooden toggle on the front so that it can be fastened shut.
I am really pleased with the finished article, it may be a tad lop-sided but that doesn't matter. It got quite a fierce felting (at 90 degrees) so it shrunk loads and has made a really dense fabric which is really good as it means I don't have to sew a lining in it. I really hope Kate likes it! She is the queen of bags so I think she. Isn't this what every girl needs for her 30th?
Along with a card like this one...... A combination of knitting and crochet this time.
How weird, I have just been over to Boogaj's blog to get the link to the Booga Bag and look what I have found, a felted entrelac bag using the same colours of Kureyon as I have. Spooky. Her bag is very lovely, I am a little jealous of her smaller squares.


Maggie said...

Gorgeous! Now I have to add entrelac to my knitting to do list.
It appears Booga J is one of your kindred spirits!

Silvia said...

The Bag looks brillant. I have an entrelac Pattern (Lady Elenor) but just don't get it..yet!! I somehow like the shape of yours better then BoogaJ.
BTW thanks for the comment in my blog

Bryony said...

That's fab! Ace ace ace :D

Anonymous said...

The pure is beautiful :)

Anonymous said...

oops that was supposed to say purse LOL