Monday, June 12, 2006

Like Buses

No posts for ages then two come a long at once!
Here is something I have been wanting to share with you for a while.... my other birthday present from my wonderful, lovely boyfriend. A set of wooden needles and a special needle holder he made himself. Isn't is amazing?Oh and I remembered to scan in the pattern that was the inspiration for the bag. I remembered it as a much more batwing affair, but it actually isn't that terrible. Apparently the jumper went to the charity shop only a few weeks ago, mum said she felt guilty as she hadn't worn it for years. I was a bit disappointed because I would love to look at it again, knowing how much time must have gone into it.
The blanket was put in the post today. Toby made his big arrival (all 9lbs of him!) into the world last Saturday (3rd June) when we were in Amsterdam. Mum, dad and baby are all doing well which is good to know. I'm planning my first visit for the start of July... I'll have to think of something else to make to take with me. It seems too hot for knitted baby items however. Maybe I can make a little hoodie for when he is a bit older.
I am also falling into the trap of wanting to make 100000 things at once. Last night I decided I wanted to make bombshell out of Big Girl Knits with some Hipknits silk I have. Then today I was thinking about big cotton tape crochet squares which I could make floor cushions with! There is just not enough knitting time in the day.


Sarah said...

I love your new stitch holder! I'm totally jealous. Sounds like you have a pretty cool boyfriend.

Anonymous said...

WOW the knitting needles and holder are amazing I LOVE them :)