Wednesday, June 30, 2010

More baby knits

Just what a July baby needs - a woolly hat. Knit on the hottest day of the year so far, what was I thinking?
Swirl Hat
Swirl Hat, 0-3 months size, in the left over Koigu KPPM from the Garter Yoke baby cardigan. It is quite stretchy, so I am hoping it will fit Baby H when they actually require a hat later in the year. If not, then I have a ready made baby present! The pattern is rather like Odessa without the beads.
Next up, I seem to have an obsession with light blue and red at the moment. In fact, it has been brewing for some time, ever since we went to Norfolk for the Lucy Neatby workshop in November 2008. We stayed in Barsham Barns, where there was lots of light blue and red furnishings.
I recently found this playmat in Mothercare - the combination of elephants, red, light blue and polka dots was a winner with me. I must have been looking at this when I chose the colours for Surtsey.
Surtsey Baby Cardigan
Knit in my favourite Baby Cashmerino, it is soft and snuggly. I like the ribbed raglan - hopefully this means it should fit well for a few months.
The fair isle section was a good reminder that I can knit with two colours.
Surtsey Baby Cardigan
I even remembered how to catch the strands about half way through. Plus I found a video showing me how to purl portuguese style which meant the purl rows were not a complete nightmare! My fair isle is remarkably even, and it hasn't even been blocked yet. Yipee.

Now I think I may be ready to tackle Ella Funt or maybe Bellyphant or even be brave enough to steek and knit Pod of Cetaceans Cardigan.


Kate said...

That playmat is adorable. :-D It's a lovely stage when they'll stay where you put them. ;-)

I'll have to study the Portuguese purl as well. I'm always put off flat stranded knitting because I hate purling with two colours.

Roobeedoo said...

Oh the cuteness! You need to knit an EllaFunt cardi:

Maggie said...

Brown band, white swirl and a red pom pom on the swirl hat and it is a chocolate cupcake with vanilla icing and a cherry on top...
Hope July is treating you well!