Friday, June 04, 2010

12 in 12

Over in the Yard Yard group in Ravelry we have been challenged to knit 12 pairs of socks in 12 months, starting on the 1st June 2010. The rules are very simple:

"Knit 12 pairs of socks in 12 months, or 24 odd socks if you have lots of WIP socks you want to make into pairs.

This challenge starts on June 1st. You could have seven pairs by Christmas.

We might have prizes too!

Some of the socks to be knit in theyarnyard yarn"

Seeing as my maternity leave starts today and lasts for upto a year, I figured that having a goal of a pair of socks a month might be something just about do-able (even with the distractions of a small baby!)
I spent the long weekend thinking about what I wanted to knit this month - knowing that June is probably going to be the most productive month of the whole year for me (no work and no baby - fingers crossed). I decided to wind my favourite ball of Clan - the purple and green one on the left and found that it seems to go well with the January 2010 club yarn (right). Perfect for a slip stitch pattern like Prism
Yarn Yard 12 in 12 Socks - Part One
I also threaded the beads onto my Knit Love Club yarn, I'm eager to finish these too before the baby arrives.
Caretta Caretta
However, instead of casting on any socks, I wound the Koigu I bought at All the fun of the Fair when I was in London and cast on for a Garter Yoke Baby Cardigan!
Garter Yoke Baby Cardigan
Then, on Monday evening we got a text from our friends in Paris to say their baby had arrived, a little girl. So I spent Tuesday and Wednesday knitting them the promised pair of baby socks - in some left over Yarn Yard Bonny to a completely made up 2x1 rib pattern. So my first pair of socks for 12 in 12 is complete!
Socks for Mathilda
The socks are made even better when you can find matching dungarees in M&S.
Socks for Mathilda
Off to pop them in the post!


cumquats said...

What a great challenge. I'm looking forward to making my first pair of socks this year. Kim :)

Roobeedoo said...

I would love to join you but I know I would not succeed. I am so caught up with sewing at the moment that knitting is just not happening. Tsk! Love that dungaree / sock combo! Ooh and thanks for the link to that little cardi!

SewIknit2 said...

Ruth, good luck with your maternity leave! make the most of it! love the socks and dungarees too!
hope you are keeping well.