Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sock Review

My review of the year starts with the thing I knit most, socks!
Here are the 18 pairs for the year - 5 more than last year and 9 pairs for me! I now have so many pairs of hand knitted socks that they don't fit in the drawer.

Sock Review

1. Christmas Stocking, 2. Honeybee Socks, 3. Express Lane Socks, 4. Show-Off Stranded Socks, 5. Horcrux Socks, 6. Baby Socks, 7. Haystacks Socks, 8. Fruit Pastel Socks, 9. Summer Chevron Socks, 10. stashbuster spiral 001, 11. speedway 008, 12. cranford 002, 13. Embossed Leaves, 14. spiral socks 001, 15. whitby 007, 16. Monkey 013, 17. gentleman sock evening wear 005, 18. lichen_rib 001

It is hard to pick a favourite, I love the embossed leaves pattern, perfect for my green yarn. Whitby are the most snuggly, but not really a practical choice of sock yarn, but really good bed socks. Honeybee, which I gifted to my Socktopus Secret Santa pal were probably the most interesting to knit. The Malabrigo yarn was just divine.

I also still have my Kilt Hose to finish - I WILL cast on number two soon. This was meant to be a Christmas present - for last Christmas, ooops. Sorry Kerry!
I've finally frogged my Koigu Pomatomus as there were too many mistakes and I will be frogging my Harika socks - but I do plan on making these when I find a better contrast yarn.

Finally, do you remember what my sock yarn stash looked like last year?
I reckoned I could knit 77 pairs.
Well this year I have added this little lot to it (plus a few more)... of which only 3 skeins have been knitted.

Sock Yarn
However, I did have a bit of a clear out earlier in the year, swapping and selling quite a lot. My Ravelry counter, which is more or less accurate, tells me I have 48 balls of sock yarn - compared with 54 last January. However that is still far more than I can knit in a year.

So, what are my sock knitting plans for next year?

First up is a pair for my dad's 60th at the end of January. I'm going to use this Regia(fairly boring) Regia. Not sure on a pattern yet. Probably a simple rib, using the channel island cast on I learnt from Lucy Neatby.

Second, I wound this gorgeous Hazel Knits into a ball last night
In preparation to cast on for Oolong from the Twist Collective
I also have my Socktopus Sock Club parcels to look forward to, with the first one arriving in January. Now who thinks I can knit socks solely from my stash next year?


kathryn said...

I love seeing them all together in the mosaic. It's a great way to display them.

They all look lovely but I think I like Horcrux best.

Kate said...

I adore the colour of the Hazel Knits yarn! I've just used this yarn for the first time, and it's delicious to knit with. I might have to get some more... :-)

Love the sock review as well.

sussexyorkie said...

Very good review. Happy Christmas I wish you luck with knitting from your stash, the Socktopus parcels are a treat in themselves.

sox pest said...

Hey ya'll. Seasons greetings from the states. I wud like to apologise for my earlier remarks on your wedding. I really didn't mean to piss on any of y'all chips ya hear. Sometimes i get a little crazy, you know. I just spoke with nurse Kachowski and then i was as happy as a skunk in a load o shit (pardon my French). I wud like to come watch you if i can get out. I have never been to a wedding where it wasn't just all family.

Roobeedoo said...

Wot a lotta soks!

Well done Roo - looking forward to seeing next year's selection with all that lovely yarn in store!