Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Non-Sock Review of the Year

I have actually made some items that are not socks this year:
7 hats, 3 blankets, 2 pairs of mittens, 2 pairs of hanswarmers, 2 lace shawls, 2 jumpers for small people, 1 tank top for an even smaller person, 1 knitted elephant, 1 sewn elephant, 2 dresses (only 1 pictured), 1 top, 1 bag and 1 crocheted shawl.
2008 Review

1. BuzzBee & Carys, 2. Rainbow Mittens, 3. Tubey, 4. Beanie, 5. Meret II, 6. Meret by Woollywormhead, 7. Stranded Mitten - NHM #3, 8. cubba 005, 9. Waltzer, 10. Hexagon Baby Blanket, 11. Baby Blanket Number 5, 12. josh blanket final 003, 13. Muir, 14. Swallowtail, 15. cranford 003, 16. oz vest 002, 17. Sidney, 18. owen&carys 090308 017, 19. hugsandkisses 005, 20. fetching_roo 001, 21. flower wrap 005, 22. Stella the elephant, 23. Cath Kidston Tea Towel Market Bag, 24. dress 003, 25. Blue Flower Top

Add all of this lot to my finished socks and that makes 44 finished items for 2008... very nearly 1 a week!

How did I do on those new years resolutions?

1. 2008 will be a year of more knitting for me, and less gift knitting.
Last year 8 out of 35 (23%) of handmade items were for me.

This year 15 out of 44 (34%) of handmade items were for me.
An improvement and I think I am fairly happy with the gift/for me making balance.

2. A year of making bigger garments
I planned on making
A tank top - based on Ms Marigold for me using Rowan Calmer.
An aran type jumper/cardigan jacket using the aran wool I bought in Ireland nearly 2 years ago
Fyne tank top that I have swatched for.

I have made none of these, and haven't managed to finish a garment for me this year, although the February Lady Sweater is nearly completion (much further on than the photo below) with only a sleeve and a half to go.
February Lady Sweater
I have lost 3 stone since April and gone down 3-4 dress sizes, so have been putting off knitting garments because I have been scared that they will be too big when finished (like all my other clothes!) Luckily FLS fits like a dream at the moment. So actually 2008 has been the year of knitting one smaller garment!

3. More lace knitting
Yup, a swallowtail and Muir and lots of lacy socks.

4. Finish the WIPs
Two out of the 4 pairs of socks are done, I have frogged the Pomatomus as there were too many mistakes. The solitary Kilt Hose is in need of a mate!

My Noro hexagon blanket is much futher on. I still have more hexagons to add but it is perfect lap blanket size at the moment.

The jumper and crochet shawl were both finished.

Not too bad on the WIP front.

Come back tomorrow to see what 2009 has in store.


Flossie said...

Wow girl you've been busy this year! I don't think I've had such a productive knitting year this year :o(

(And still haven't posted the AB book to you. Sorry).

I thought you looked thinner in your recent photos, but didn't want to say anything! Now then, please email me and tell me how you've done it! And well done! xxx

Dawn said...

You've done some lovely knitting, and well done on losing 3 stone! You could knit fitted garments with negative easy, top down, so if you lose more weight they'll still fit you and you'll be able to shorten the sleeves and length.

I'd better get on with my 2008 list!

raspberry said...

I love the elephant, and your knitted stuff is fab, knitting is like a foreign language to me!!
Happy New Year!