Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Ravelry Anniversary

How time flies. Today is my 1 year Ravelry Anniversary.
I thought I'd share with you some of the reasons why I love Ravelry.

The Most favourited project of mine is My Hexagon Blanket - with 71 little hearts.
It actually looks nothing like this any more. I decided I didn't like the hexagons joining on the top, so took them all apart and sewed them together rather than crocheted. Or at least sewed some of them together! I started this in March 2006. I need to get a move on!

I have favourited 51 projects and 72 patterns.
This Caterpillar cardigan is simply the best item of children's clothing I have ever seen.
I can hardly believe this is knitted - lace knitting to aspire to!
And I'm so pleased that these are MINE!

If you want to see more amazing Ravelry items, check out this forum post.

I have 158 items in my stash and 21 for sale.
I'm not even going to look how many miles of yarn that is!

My queue contains 65 projects. Muir is the first thing on the list.... I need another lace project! I have also moved lots of socks to the top of my queue, ready for the Summer of socks

I love the fact that I can see what my friends are knitting, queuing and stashing here.

The forums are fantastic. I joined the Posh Knitters KAL for Swallowtail and I love the Yarn Yard's garden shed. We've also got a group for Brum Knit Night which has helped to spread the word.

What is your favourite and most favourited Ravelry project?

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clarabelle said...

Interesting reflection on Ravelry, and I love your Hexagon blanket - you must finish it!

My most favourited project is Laminaria #2, and (probably) my favourite to-be knit is Curve of Pursuit.