Sunday, June 15, 2008

Questions Questions Questions

Secret Pal 12 Question:
What is your favorite summertime drink?

I think this has to be Pimms, with lots of mint and cucumber. Yummy. That reminds me, haven't had a glass yet this year!
UK Swap Question:
What is the strangest place you have ever knit?
Probably at a football match, before the game started. I got some very strange looks!
What are you doing to participate in WWKIP day on Saturday?
I met up with some of the Brum Knit Night crew at a pub in Central Birmingham.
Alison and I finding something very amusing, probably the fact that my new socks match my teeshirt!
Here they are:

Fruit Pastel Socks
More Speedways, in Opal Feelings. This time I've done yo's rather than m1 for the increases.
I think I might be a bit chevroned out after this pair. I forgot to take the pattern with me and couldn't work out where my heel went, so had to put them on a spare bit of yarn and start the other one!
Knitting on Muir has continued. I've done 3 repeats now. Not the best photo but you get the idea...
Muir Shawl 15th June
Here is something I don't think I've shared yet, a pretty awful attempt at an argyle vest for a friends little boy. My intarsia is pretty rubbish, but I'm hoping it might even out after blocking and when the ends are sewn in. It's on hold until I finish Muir though.
Toby's Argyle Tank Top


Anonymous said...

You are so prolific with your knitting! Very colourful work and so are going to be easy to spoil! ~ Loopy!

Viknits said...

Thanks Ruth :) yeah it was! How did you guess! :p

Love muir! lovelovelove!

Cycling Knitter said...

great knitting
love the opal colour way

must get some...