Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Parcels Galore

On my journey home from Birmingham this evening, after an evening out with my friend Lynn, I was conjuring up a blog post in my mind. This weekend will be 1 year since I moved from London and back to Wolverhampton. I have had two really lovely weeks, filled with seeing people and doing things and generally finally feeling like I am properly settling in here... It hasn't been easy; adjusting to life back where I grew up, where nothing is quite the same, missing my friends, learning to live in the same house as my boyfriend. I've had times where I have been thoroughly miserable, but I have great friends and although they are not just around the corner, I can still rely on them for support and a shoulder to cry on when things get hard and I love them all for that. On the plus side, I have had a lot more time for crafty things, more time to devote to this blog and I also feel like I've made friends with people online. I'm hoping to meet up with Wendy this weekend as I'm down her way on a course... I'm sure a time will come when I bump into all of the other knitting friends I've made. All is well with the world once again :0)
Anyway, now all that is out of the way... I can show you something that makes far more interesting reading. I got home this evening to 4 parcels! Number 1 (top) contained my Hogwarts sock kit. A little late, as it has been returned to sender once!
Kiki sent me a fabulous Ravenclaw parcel of hand dyed sock yarn from a friend of hers, a bag and stitch markers she made herself, some lavender,sweets, needles and Harry Potter stickers. Thank you Kiki, it is fabulous package . The second parcel I sent to Lena also arrived today. Yipeee.
Next up comes some Yarn Yard Sock Yarn. Natalie had a sale at the weekend and it seems I was having a green day!
We have (l-r) Tour de France Trente-huit, seize, dix-huit and trente-cinq. I love them all!
In the little parcel we have the Malabrigo I have been waiting for to start the Mystery Shawl.
Emily bought her MS3 to Brum Knit Night on Tuesday and it is truly amazing (as is her swallowtail shawl - check it out!). She also bought some Malabrigo for me to fondle and I was really really hoping mine would arrive soon.
I think I will be winding this into a ball tomorrow! I can't possibly describe how soft this is.
And finally, in the last (ridiculously large) box were three new books...
But as I haven't even had a chance to open them yet you'll have to wait until next time for a review!


Emily said...

Nice for all of us at Brumknitnight that you're back up this way - I really enjoyed tuesday evening.
I managed not to buy the Yarnyard sale yarn (by repeating Sydney,Sydney, over and over...)but it does look delicious.
Looking forward to seein that lovely Malabrigo emerge as an MS3...

kiki said...

so great that everything arrived and i´m so sorry that it was so late.
so have a fantastic and magical knitting weekend!

Flossie said...

Hi Ruth,

Are you going to the Knitting and Stitching Show at the NEC this year? Miles is moving to Coventry soon so I'm going to combine a visit to him with a visit to the show. I'll be going on Saturday or Sunday. Let me know if you'll be going and if I can join you.

Thanks! xx