Saturday, August 11, 2007

A Crafty Week

Mystery Shawl Progress, I am about 6 rows into clue two. Hoping to get a lot more done on my trip to Surrey for Owen's Christening.
I have made booties for the latest arrival, Isobel. Actually I have only made one bootie... must make the other one. Isobel was bornon Thursday to my ex-work colleague Tracey who now lives in Melbourne, Australia. Congrats Trace!
Isn't it cute? The pattern is free from Saartje. If green and orange seems a strange choice, it matches the sleep suits I bought! I'm making an amigurumi butterfly to go with it too... or at least that is what it looks like in my head. Photos in the next post.
I have also made this bag for another person born on 9th August. Happy Birthday Non!
I'm seeing Non tomorrow. I am hoping she is too busy with Christening arrangements to read here before she receives this present! The pattern is adapted from "Bend the Rules Sewing" by Amy Karol. I added some wadding to the straps and made them the same length so I could add a button and button loop. Not bad for a second attempt at bag making!
Here is the first . Made using the free pattern at I got a bit muddled with sewing everything together inside out and then turning it the right way. I'd sewn the handles in wrong so they were always inside the bag. Ooops. I managed to rectify this however and now I have a fab new tote bag.I will leave you with photos of the fireworks from the Proms night at Shugborough Hall last Saturday.


Queen of the froggers said...

Your bags are great. I have still to make my attempt at bags! the booties are cute and the shawl looks beautiful.

Annette said...

I love the bags! Gives me the urge to get out my Sewing machine, maybe when the weather's a bit cooler.

J said...

The baby the booties are for - not formerly Tracey K perchance? They do look seriously cute!