Friday, June 01, 2007

4 Things About Me.

I've been tagged again, this time by Wendy

4 Jobs I have had in my life
- Sales Assistant in a jewellery/gift/fancy dress shop when I was at school
- Packing surgical dressings in a factory in Wolverhampton during university holidays
- Library Assistant at the Department for Education and Employment (where I was always scared that I would tread on Lucy - (David Blunkett's guide dog) as she used to lie on your feet in the lift)
- Corporate Finance Researcher - what I've been doing for the last 8 years, previously for an investment bank now for an accountancy firm.
4 films I can watch again and again
Pulp Fiction
The Wizard of Oz
Moulin Rouge
Kill Bill (either of them but I have to close my eyes when it gets to the eyeball bit!

4 places I have lived
- Wolverhampton, where I grew up and where I live now.
- Sheffield - my University town
- Fulham, West London - in a gorgous but shabby Victorian terrace house with a landlord who had no idea what rental prices should be in this area.
- Mitcham - where I bought my flat

4 TV series I watch
-ER.- Religiously since the first series
-Gand Designs - because it is the only reason Tony has a TV and he was very upset to find it has been replaced by BB
Um, probably not much else to be honest. Maybe Gardeners' World when I remember it is on.

4 places I have been on holiday
So many lovely places to choose from.
-The Lake District is probably my favouriteand we've been here about once a year for the last 5 or 6 years
-Mexico - my dad won a trip to Acapulco in a radio quiz when I was 13 and we went on our first overseas family holiday there
-Italy - I've been to Venice, Verona and Rome and loved them all. The food is fab too.
-St Petersburg - I had a friend studying out there whilst I was at uni so I went to visit her. It seemed like such a normal thing to do at the time! It was freezing but beautiful.

4 things I do every time I go on the Net
-check my email
-check Bloglines for new posts
-check the weather
-work (mostly - I am a researcher who spends all day on the net)
4 things I would NOT eat for anything in the world
-Lobster, I'm scared of them
-Jellied eels - they look horrid and I can't imagine how slimey they must be
-Any kind of insect/grub type thing
-Scrambled egg - just the smell of it makes me retch!
4 places I would love to be right now
-On the sofa knitting
-With my friends chilling out
- Planting things in the garden
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Bryony Ramsden said...

ooo, you monkey ;) I'm just knocking up a post today, so I'll slip that in too :D

Have the chicks fledged yet?

Roobeedoo said...

Ooh! You got me! Hey guess what? I was hanging up my washing yesterday and heard this enormously loud cheeping... and realised that there must be a family in my bird box! Woo hoo!

J said...

Oooh I've never been tagged before, I better get writing!