Friday, June 22, 2007

You are never too old for Lego

Look how useful it can be....
A wonderful new swift for Ruth crafted last Sunday evening out of the Technic Lego I knew was stashed at my Mom's house (can you believe it was hidden UNDERNEATH the bottom draws in a chest of drawers - I would never have found it!)
Winding balls is so much more fun now. I would all of the skeins I had downstairs last Sunday evening. I'll try and get a video clip of it in action when I wind some more! Although I am hoping that it doesn't discourage Tony from making me a real one from wood.
In other news, I've spent the weekend in Surrey with friends.Owen now has a new cricket top. He is nearly 4 months, so this would never have fit Toby, its intended recipient, who is 1 year. So I started another one whilst babysitting on Saturday night, this is the progress so far after a very LONG journey home.

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wendy said...

very impressive swift!!!!