Sunday, June 10, 2007

Pullovers, bags and greenhouses.

The cricket pullover is finished, however my pattern design leaves something to be desired as this is far too small for the intended recipient. However, I do know what to do to correct that, and this will be a surprise present for another little boy! I do like it, so am definitely going to try to make a bigger size!
I've been crocheting too, here is the Soft Waves pattern from Jan Eaton's 200 Ripple Stitch patterns. I have made it into a bag for the Hogwarts Sock Kit Swap. Now all I need to do is make some stitch markers and everything will be ready to send.
Finally, here is a garden update. Tony and his dad have been working very hard putting up fencing. I have been cleaning the "new" greenhouse. Our next door neighbour said we could have her greenhouse as she doesn't use it any more, so it has been moved about 6ft from the other side of the fence. I have had the job of cleaning 15 years worth of dirt and spiders off it. About half of the glass is cleaned and in now, despite me breaking 3 panes.... oops.
Next to the greenhouse, just behind Tony is my vegetable plot-to-be and in front of him is all the soil I need to put into the vegetable plot before I can grow anything. A job for one night this week I think.


Bryony Ramsden said...

The greenhouse looks sparkling :D At least you know you've done a good job :)

Kathy said...

WONDERFUL ripple stitch bag. I came to you from Ling's Musinganddoing blog. She list you in her daily reads. She is overwhelmed and fatigued and feeling the nesting guilts.
Wont you join me in encouraging her and giving her some advice to cut corners during this all important time of growing a baby. ????
Thanks. I'll be the blog support and pick meup will really help

kiki said...

hey ruth - your kit is off in the mail! via airmail it will need about 7-10 days - so stay tuned & have a great weekend!

yours hsk-pal

acrylik said...

Love the crochet bag, what a geat idea. The cricket jumper is so cute :)

Queen of the froggers. said...

The sweater for the boys looks so nice and the little bag!