Monday, May 14, 2007

Just enough time before bed...

To show you my purchases from Get Knitted on Saturday. It is amazing shop. I was in there about 1.5 hours but could have stayed longer. We have - 2 balls of what I think is Cashsoft DK in blue and pale green from the sale bin for £1 each. Red Lana Grossa Sock wool for my Sockpalooza socks. Some more random balls of Baby Cashmerino for the next baby blanket. Lorna's Laces Shepherd sock an orphan ball of Purple Iris (£4.99) and two hanks of Safari which will make perfect socks for Tony.
Another 2.5mm 30cm addi turbo for my sock knitting. Enough clover soft touch crochet hooks to complete my set and finally some cute rabbit buttons (it looks like miffy playing tennis). So much for not buying anything - Bryony encouraged me.
The train journey down to bristol yielded this Rainy Day sock from Magknits in Sweet Georgia Speed Demon..... It truely is speedy!

And a lazy Sunday afternoon resulted in a finished shawl - with nearly a week to spare before the party.
Pattern: Holiday shawl from RYC Holiday Booklet
Yarn: 4 ply soft in Wink
Started: 22nd April 2007
Finished: 13th May 2007
Comments: I did one less row than the pattern called for, it would have been huge if I did them all. The 4 ply went a long way, I think I used 5 balls out of the 10 I bought including the fringe, which means it cost me £10 to make. Bargain. I have added little gold bells to the edging too, Tony says it sounds like there is a cat in the room! Was really fun to make and easy to memorise. I think I might have to gift it to my mom to wear when she goes on her next cruise after this weekend.


Claire said...

Hi There, thanks for the email about your group - what time do you meet as i may struggle to get to Birmingham on a tues evening - i am interested though!


Jenean said...

That sock yarn is gorgeous!!