Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Early Birthday Presents

I had some money in my paypal account that was burning a hole on my virtual pocket so thought I would treat myself to an early birthday present from America.
Socks that Rock, lightweight, in Champagne Springs, Little Bunny Foo Foo and Lucy in the Sky
Little Bunny Foo Foo (although in my world it is little rabbit foo foo) is what I am going to make my Sockpalooooza socks from. I have my match and am very excited. I just have to choose a pattern and find some time to knit them! There should be plenty of time one the latest round of birthdays are out of the way.
Speaking of birthdays, this is the only WIP I can show you at the moment (as everything else is a secret).... my birthday fancy dress shawl, in the apple tree (as there was nowhere else outside to hang it!) It is coming along nicely and is fairly easy to crochet on the train to work as I have the pattern just about memorised now. Do you think it is hippy enough?


Anonymous said...

Hello there! Just dropped in to let you know you have a sock-pal out here who is stalking your blog for Sockapalooza 4! You asked for machine-washable... but I see you like STR...which I would hand-wash. Please write something about your yarn likes and dislikes on you blog so that I can make a good choice!

wendy said...

ooo pretty! I love the shawl, but then I am a complete hippy - that wouldn't be fancy dress in my wardrobe, it would be evening wear!!!!