Monday, April 02, 2007

Blogging instead of Knitting

I have a birthday present to finish (in fact I have several), so I should be knitting, not blogging, but hey, I have lots to tell today beacuse I've had an actioned packed time I've had since my last update. It was the first Brum Knit Night last Tuesday in the Shakespeare. There were 6 of us in total; Susan, Heather x2, Emily, Sally and myself. Was a really fun evening, and it seems everyone is keen to come back. I need to advertise it a little more now to see if we can get a few more people.
I headed down to London this weekend to visit my long lost friends who I have been missing lots. I managed to fit in a visit to Stash in Putney on Saturday, where I met Alice (who was my downstream Secret Pal in the last round). In fact there were a plethora of knit bloggers including Jan, Nic, Diane and Amelia.
Alice was making the Cosy Tank Top I made for Carys for Christmas, in the wool I sent her and I am making the thinking dress for Carys that Alice has just finished for one of her friends. Proof, I think, that it was a perfect SP match!
Here is the progress on the dress
- front done, and the back is about 2/3rds of the way there too. There is a cable that turned the wrong way when I was talking instead of concentrating on Tuesday. I spent virtually the whole train journey down to London ripping back and reknitting and getting confused, so in the end I have left it and duplicate stitched over the top. It doesn't look great but I know it won't matter really (especially as I don't have to look at it every day). It Should be finished in time to send on Wednesday I hope - as it was a birthday present for this little fairy who was three last week. You can just about see the stripy teeshirt I gave her to wear with the dress when it is finished!(It's on the floor just under Mum's knee!)Lastly, sock eye candy for you. I copied Bryony - RPM in STR Farmhouse. FOR ME! Love the colour, however have already altered the pattern so the purl rpm's follow true - round and round like a record baby!
I should hopefully get more done this week as I have two more returns trips to London to look forward to. One work, one play! Let's hope I've recovered from my very late night on Saturday - or should I say early morning. Danced until 3am and fell into bed at 4.30am and then got up to phone for Glastonbury tickets at 9am. I was unsuccessful (boooo) however there is still a chance when the returns go on sale


Bryony said...

Oooooo, your RPMs look looooovely :D And the colourway is very funky (not mad like mine are - you'll see at the weekend ;D).

Bummer about Glasto, but as you say, you still have a chance.

Nickerjac said...

Nice to see you on Saturday x