Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Parcels, Progress and Podcasts

I had a phonecall at work yesterday lunchtime to say a very heavy parcel had arrived for me from Amsterdam and it couldn't possibly contain wool as it was far too heavy!
I arrived home to find this:An amazing Easter parcel from my SP10
I now have the largest supply of Easter goodies in the world (or maybe just in Wolverhampton). I will have to hide the biscuits however, as no soon had they been noticed by Tony he had a cup of tea and was tucking in! Thank goodness they weren't Stroopwafels as they would all be gone by now!I also have some amazing regia sock yarn in purples and greens that are just crying out to be made into Jaywalkers (or possibly another ripple type pattern from this book - a recent acquisition). Thank you for all of my goodies SP - they are fantastic.
Now onto progress - progress to me has meant some undoing. it shocked me to realise that I wasn't afraid to rip the Roza Sock I showed you at the weekend and start something else. I felt like the pattern was a bit lost in the Koigu, so I have progressed onto Monkey socks. So much better don't you think? A few months ago I would never have undone all of that hard work, even if I wasn't happy with it.
And finally podcasts - I can't believe I've lived without these for so long! I tried a couple of knitting ones about 18 months ago and they were awful and I was really put off. I listened to the Baddiel and Skinner World Cup podcasts in the summer and loved them and now, thanks to my Brum Knit Knight pals, I have discovered some good knitting podcasts! I have downloaded all of the episodes of Cast-On and alos Lixie's podcast for my knitterly enjoyment. They are both fab - if you can recommend any others, please do.


felinity said...

Aww, look at the Koigu knitting up! Ahh, lovely lovely Koigu...

Thank you for the podcast tips, I'll be downloading those v. soon!

Anonymous said...

Looking good!! Try this one, it's

Bobbi said...

What a great parcel! Enjoy!

"Schnauzermum" said...

Hi! Those are beautiful Monkey Socks!!! There's a great Monkey Sock swap if you love the pattern, like I do... :)
I don't remember if I sent you a wonderful THANK YOU!!!! for the purple swap-bot yarn swap...the yarn is luscious, the colors are perfect, and the goodies are so appreciated!!!
Thank you for such a thoughtful book of knitting goodness. :) P.S. I love reading your blog...
Kris in NH (acoss the big pond)