Sunday, April 22, 2007


I don't seem to have achieved much on the knitting front this week. All we have are the 3/4 done Monkey socks. They should be ready to be gifted next Saturday. I'm hoping they will make up for me choosing a friends 30th birthday celebrations over Tony's mum's 60th birthday celebrations. I am not very popular in that house at the moment. Oops.
The other achievement is 1.5 squares of Holiday Shawl from RYC Classic Holiday. I bought the pattern book and the yarn for this from the House of Fraser sale (4 ply soft for £2 a ball and the pattern book for £2 also because it was the display copy). I am having a 70's party for my 30th in a few weeks and decided I needed a crocheted shawl. This bright pink goes very well with the 70's orange and pink tunic I bought to wear at the party from Primark; I'll share my costume at a later date - I was round at my mum's using the sewing machine earlier - and that's all I'll say!
I was inspired to buy the book from looking at the BritKnitCast Website where Carrie-Ann is making this amazing shawl out of left over sock yarn. I think this pattern for hexagon swirls will make an amazing blanket.
Lastly, you must check out this link to some great free vintage patterns, if you like that sort of thing.


Bryony said...

Your Monkey socks are gorgeous. You have jealousy inducing yarn there :D Crochet motif is lovely too. Mmmm pink.

wendy said...

The crochet poncho sounds FAB!!! I had one when I was bout 7 (I'm older than you so I remember the '70s!) and have wanted another ever since. My mum still has the pattern she used so I may have to attempt it now I've learnt to crochet