Sunday, December 03, 2006

Secret Pal 9 gift and more Christmas knitting

Look what delights arrived on Saturday morning for me from my Secret Pal....Two amazingly soft balls of Louisa Harding's Kimono Angora; with a suggestion to make them into fingerless gloves. Lavender soap (which smells amazing), La Senza lip gloss, Brighton rock, and some yummy Green & Blacks chocolate with hazelnuts and raisins. All fantastically colour co-ordinated. Thank you secret pal, I love it all!
Now onto the Christmas knitting... socks for Tony in Regia Silk from Web of Wool.
I'm doing these toe up, using this pattern. As toe up is all a bit new to me I have been making Tony try these on just to make sure they fit ok, as his last socks are a bit baggy.
I have also been working away on other Christmas present, most are secrets, but I can show you this scarf for Tony's mum. I don't usually agree with novelty yarn, but this is so soft and is a great colour as it isn't too bright so seems perfect for a scarf and is a very quick knit. It is Patons Softy, knitted on 8mm needles in garter stitch. And finally, some vintage knitting patterns arrived from ebay this week. Three baby pattern books, they have some fantastic patterns in them. I love the blue cardigan on the front of the bottom book
And this matinee jacket.
There are also some hilarious patterns in there, which I will share in another post!


Anonymous said...

Hooray, so glad it all made it through safely. Let me know how the yarn knits up, I could be very tempted to get some for myself!

Poshyarns said...

Oh those vintage patterns are so pretty and what a lovely package to receive, I have heard good reports of that angora, looks lovely.

Thanks for your comment on the cake. My son is now planning his, some sort of space station, yikes!