Friday, December 22, 2006

Merry Xmas Everybody

The last few weeks have been quite manic and also horrid and stressful... moving house turned into a nightmare which involved sitting on the side of the Motorway in a broken down van for hours and the rudest removal firm in the world - if you live in South London and are moving house, never, ever use ASL Removals.
However hopefully that is over now (apart from the compensation claim) and I can look forward to 10 days off work and lots of time to spend with friends and family. I've got lots of Christmas presents to blog about, but they will have to wait until they have been opened so as not to spoil any surprises! I've still got a few things to finish, including Tony's Christmas socks, but there is only about 2 inches to go, so I should make it by Monday.
Bryony sent me fab gifts for winning her blog competition; a handmade Miffy purse, some stitch markers and some yummy chocolate. They were ace... thank you! Pictures next time I promise. I may not get chance to blog again before, so, as we say in Wolverhampton, MERRY XMAS EVERYBODY


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Ruth! And thanks again for my lovely soft scarf. I am wearing it in the office today, as it's very cold.

See you soon after Christmas I hope X

Kerry said...

By the way, that anaonymous comment was from me!

Love from Kerry

Silvia said...

Just thought I come and visit my former Secret Pal and wish her very Merry Christmas....all the best

J said...

I have missed your knitting based musing I was worried that you'd hung up your needles and run off into the sunset with Tony.
Glad you're back!
And have a fabulous Christmas!