Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Secret Pal 8 Parcel

I arrived home this evening to find this waiting for me .... my final parcel from my Secret Pal Barb. Thanks for all of the goodies: Creative Knitting Magazine, a novel about someone who owns a yarn store, 3 balls of Bernat cotton, a notebook, lip balm (and crocheted holder), a doiley, bath bubbles and another crochet thing that matches my dishclothes but I can't exactly work out what it is!
In the world of more presents, here are the socks I am making for Bodge and Kim's 30th Birthdays on 2nd and 7th October respectively. I started with Kim's first, the finished Jaywalker you seen on the left, and then panicked that I wouldn't have time to do Bodger's before his birthday so started on his instead of making a pair! They are both done in the Regia yarn I bought in Utrecht. I am loving the stripes on the Ribbed sock on the right. Tony is a bit jealous I think... In non-sock world, here is the progress on the blanket for the baby due at the end of October.
And finally in non-knitting world here are the Tigerella tomatoes that Tony (Tiger) has been growing (sorry Jo!)


Barb said...

i'm glad your package arrived, the pastel crochet thingy is a hanging towel (that's why there's the loop :) ) I hope you enjoy everything :)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I like the name, the colour and the stripes but just not the tomato things. I guess that means more for you though!
I like the idea of knitted tomatoes, are you tempted?

Penny said...

The blanket squares are really pretty, what a lucky baby.