Thursday, July 20, 2006

Packing is for wimps

I need to leave the house in 8 hours time, so why am I blogging instead of packing? Hmm.
Just to prove that all of my friends are keeping secrets from me - Lauren had organised a farewell party for me on Monday as it was the last time we would both be in London together. Here is the little gathering. Well done Pete and his mastery of the self timer.I wanted to show you the progress on the hoodie - 2.5 hours on the train tomorrow to finish 2/3rds of a sleeve and sew it up - not sure if I'll manage. Hopefully I might get a bit of time before we see our friends on Friday evening. Looking good - despite the small star chart reading error. Also, the anniversary present I have made for Tony - a maroon elephant - hopefully it will remnd him that he used to have a maroon elephant he loved as a child!And finally, this is where I will be spending the rest of my secret holiday with two of our good friends..... see you in 10 days.

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