Thursday, July 13, 2006

Obsessed with Socks?

I think maybe I am. Or at least addicted to buying the yarn. Here is the latest offering (with Monkey trying to say hello in the background!)However I found a solution today in Stash. A book containing loads of patterns for sock yarn for "Not Just Socks". Magic! I have to make the flip flip socks on the front. There are also some very cool convertible mittens which I have wanted for ages. I also bought some more MissionFalls to complete the secret anniversary present for Tony and some cotton Lana Grossa, one of which is going to be Jaywalkers for my best friends birthday present (as I think the stripes will look cool). The other is probably destined to be another pair for Tony.
Here are the presents from my SP I was talking about in the last post. Cool Huh? Dishcloth, patterns, tea and a bookmark. Thank You again!And finally here is the back and half of the front of the hoodie I am making for Sam. I thought the star was going well. It was planned on the tube on the way home from work, I think everyone wondered why I was drawing a star on some not very square graph paper.
However, the only intarsia I have ever done before was in the fair isle way, where you carry the yarn across the back. Ok for little things, or cards. But not jumpers. The blue is far too tight and pulling the sides of the star together. A little internet research tells me I need separate yarn for each side and twist them together before changing colour. So some frogging awaits....
I'm off to visit my pregnant friend and hubbie in Hebden Bridge this weekend. Hoping it will be sunny! Looking forward to the long train journey as I've got lots of projects on the go at the moment so hopefully I can finish the hoodie and also Tony's secret present... and then that leaves the sock knitting for my hols. Have a good one all.

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Bryony said...

Ooooo yummmy stuff, especially the sock and the jumper :D Lovely.

Wave to me when you get to Hebden Bridge (or if you pass Huddersfield/Halifax way). Oooooh you should see if you can visit Coldspring too while you are around... They are hit and miss, but when they hit, they HIT.