Sunday, July 09, 2006

More good things

I have abandoned the other sock for the time being. It will probably be a sock for me at a later date. I have also decided that I just can't get on with the 2mm needles, I work much better on 2.5mm. I've started another sock in the same rib pattern as I did for Tony's socks, in Forest Walker from Curious Yarns
I'm also working on a few other secret things, but I can't tell you about them as the recipients could possibly read this, so this isn't the only knitting/crochet I've managed this weekend! Another exciting thing is this, the first flower on my Passiflora on the back fence. So amazing. Now I know where my green and purple obsession stems from
And lastly, I got my envelope with details of my secret holiday in from Tony this weekend. Yipeeee. Of course, I have no self restraint and opened the envelope almost straight away. I can reveal that for our 4 year anniversary I will be sleeping here in a castle. More importantly in a turret of a castle, I love turrets and round rooms and round windows. I used to dream of living in a turret when I was a little girl! Such a brilliant present. Thank you Tiger! We are spending 2 nights here and then have a week elsewhere... but that is still a secret at the moment. We also get to see our friends John and Sarah and their little boy Sam. He is the one who the Train Track slipover was for, I would like to make something else to take with me so have been looking for inspiration. I am thinking the jumper below from Miss Bea Dressing up. I'll take a look at the cotton angora I bought and see if there are any suitable colours!Good mindless knitting for the trip to Hebden Bridge this weekend me thinks!


ysolda said...

weeeeeeee! you're staying in a turret, how exciting. Just make sure you take pictures. The starry jumper is cute, but please don't use cotton angora for it. It's truly the worst yarn I've ever used, it literally falls apart, the angora just rubs out. The pilling is awful, but the amount of loose fibre floating around is worse, it's almost garaunteed to make a kid sneeze. Personally if you haven't used it I would try and return it. Sorry to be so gloomy.

Stacey said...

Can you put me in your suitcase? I won't be any trouble. I'll just sit in corner and spin. You could pretend you're in a fairy tale - lol.

msfortuknit said...

great hat!