Saturday, July 01, 2006

Hot in the City

Boy it's hot here tonight!
Here is what I have been upto this week. Commuting knitting -more on the TT's socks. I'm glad they are pooling in the same way, however I think things may be going a bit off now I'm starting on the decreases for the foot... never mind.
Also, home knitting has been a cardigan for baby Toby (to match his blanket - made from the left over yarn). It is from the childhood pattern in Knitty but without the hood, as there was not enough red yarn left. I made the smallest size, and I hope it will fit him in a couple of months when it gets a bit colder. I hope it isn't too girly. I get to meet the little man tomorrow. I can't wait!
Today also saw my first trip to Stash Yarns in Putney. I was on my way to watch the football with friends in Chiswick, so it seemed the perfect time to stop by. I was on the lookout for some secret pal presents. They did not disappoint. I managed to get some sock yarn for my pal. I don't think she has knitted socks before, so I'm going to send her a sock kit as some encouragement. I also got the most amazing skein for my One Skein Pal. I can't decide whether to knit with it myself and send it to her, to whether to just send it. Here is a little sneak into the makers of the fab yarn. Not saying any more until I make a decision on what to do.
Shop was lovely, I wanted to buy everything. I also met two fellow bloggers who were perusing... Kate and Ling. Good luck with the socks, hope you managed to buy some fab things!


kateandmonsters said...


Yes I did manage some purchases (will eventually post piccies), Desert Flower LL sock yarn, Blue Sky org cotton, and boooooks.

Lovely to meet you - love the little sweater, it's so cute!

Also am going to find those addi turbos you have...

Ling said...

Hi. Just wanted to say it was lovely to meet you too. You've certainly encouraged me to try more sock knitting. The cardigan is so sweet.

I've also made some purchases and will probably make more purchases there.

kateandmonsters said...

Hey Ruth!

I just got my addis in the mail - whooa they are so much faster it's ridiculous! Yeay!

Good to see you yesterday. Got got some cotton angora for myself as well as the kid classic:)