Monday, January 03, 2011

The final FO of the year

Thomas'Christmas jumper. It started off as a mix of various ideas blogged about here.
I used some handspun Peregrine fibre and Yarn Yard Bonny held double and made it up as I went along. Luckily I had just enough of both to finish it.
It looks a bit of a strange shape.Brown Handspun Jumper
However it fits perfectly!
Brown Handspun Jumper
And it is lovely and cosy and warm!
Brown Handspun Jumper
Started: 20th November 2010
Finished: 28th December 2010
Yarn: Yarn Yard Peregrine fibre handspun and Yarn Yard Bonny in Conker
Needles: 4.0mm
Pattern: I started off with the Garter Yoke cardigan for the yoke and then improvised the rest.


Katie said...

That is adorable! Nice pattern. Any chance of writing it up?

Anna said...

It's gorgeous and suits your little man perfectly. I love the colours.

Kate said...

What a cute sweater. :-D Babies *are* a funny shape anyway!

tea and cake said...

Doesn't Thomas look handsome in his new jumper?!

Flossie said...

Oh it's lovely. Great colours and textures, and I agree, Thomas looks very handsome.

Clare said...

came via roobeedoo - this is a lovely jumper and Thomas is a very handsome boy in it. Lovely photos!

Roobeedoo said...

Hee hee hee! Don't let go mum or I will fall over! Lovely jumper - he really suits that shade of brown too!