Tuesday, January 04, 2011

2010 - A review

2010 has flashed by in a whirlwind. It started with the announcement of a baby on the way and Thomas arrived in July. Some days have been magical and some days I've been in tears the whole time. I was completely unprepared for the emotional rollercoaster I found myself on following his birth. I am extremely grateful to all my friends (on and offline) getting me through the tough days, offering help and advice. However things have settled down nicely now. I (mostly) know what day it is, I'm (mostly) dressed before lunchtime and am very lucky to have a bit of time for myself in the evenings thanks to a little boy who loves his sleep nearly as much as I do!

Despite the arrival of Thomas, I have still managed quite a productive year. 25 completed projects, not counting the little boy himself... 6 baby cardigans/jumpers, 5 blankets (I only seamed the Lizard ridge but there is one more not pictured that needs the ends sewing in), 5 pairs of adult socks, 3 pairs of baby socks, 3 hats, 1 child-sized cardigan, 1 toy and 1 Christmas stocking.
13 completed before Thomas' arrival and 12 after! Not bad going for a new Mum.Knitting and crochet 2010
1. Mayrose, 2. Hemlock Ring Blanket, 3. Rumpled, 4. Rainbow Wooleater Blanket, 5. May Baby Sweater, 6. Roo, 7. Spring Shoots, 8. Socks for Mathilda, 9. Caretta Caretta, 10. Swirl Hat, 11. Owl, 12. Thomas in his Garter Yoke Cardigan, 13. Tom's socks, 14. Golden feet, 15. Lizard Ridge Blanket for p/hop, 16. Lollie, 17. Labour socks, 18. Thomas - 3 months - 07/10/2010, 19. Surtsey, 20. Brown Oz Vest, 21. Autumn Socks, 22. Twin 1 Granny, 23. Twin 2 Blanket, 24. Thomas' Christmas Stocking, 25. Brown Handspun Jumper

The plan for 2011?
1. There are some very old WIPs that I really need to finish. My Kureyon Hexagon blanket, started in March 2006 being the main one; and these two pairs of pesky long socks.

2. Finish my Knit Love Club parcels from last year. I kept up until Thomas was born, I am thinking of these as my sock club for 2011.

3. Sort out the stash. I've started this, and everything is now neatly boxed and back in the loft. I just need some time to update Ravelry.

4. Back to Weight Watchers to lose the baby weight (so I can fit back into my favourite jeans and Vine Yoke cardi!)

5. More baby blankets - another friend has a baby due in March and I'm sure there will be more!


tea and cake said...

Well done for at least making a list!

Roobeedoo said...

More blankets? I don't know where you find the willpower! My solitary blanket is destined to remain a UFO for at least another year! Awesome rate of production for a new mum!

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