Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A fabulous Christmas Hat

A quick video, of Thomas' first solo swing, and his fabulous Christmas hat from the wonderful Roobeedoo

All he needs to do is point and he has the catalogue pose down to a tee
Thomas' First Solo Swing

The hat is the wonderful Brownie from Twisted Woolly Toppers. I may have to make myself a matching one!
Thank you Roo, we both love it!


Roobeedoo said...

My pleasure! He looks so cute in it! Aw - bless!

femminismo said...

What an adorable baby. And the knitting and crocheting you do! My goodness. Lovely. How do you find the time? My knitting is so "off" because I'm always forgetting where I am. Well, I've given up on knitting standards for myself. My husband says to start my own club of messy knitters (in a nice way). But cheers to you!