Sunday, January 10, 2010

Stripes and Snow

The knitting week has been spent going around and around and around. Only stopping to change colour.
Stripy Jumper
I think I like the colours so far. I've also tried it on and it does fit. Yipee.

The snowy weather has put pay to any progress on the project house, especially when this happens to the pipes. The ice has forced the compression fittings apart. Luckily the water was off.
8 Woodhall in the Snow
However, it does make the garden look pretty!
8 Woodhall in the Snow


Roobeedoo said...

Stripes are looking fab! and I am so glad that you are not actually living in that house yet!

Emily said...

Love the stripes - great colour combo, IMHO.

I managed to turn off the water and drain it in the house we are doing up (no heating at all). Glad you had the water off too!

Linda said...

The stripes are lovely, nice colours.