Thursday, January 28, 2010

In the last week....

The owls finally got eyes and the jumper has been gifted.
Mayrose, the Woollywormhead KAL pattern has been blocked and gifted to a very happy recipient.
Stripy is continuing to grow. It is about waist length now. I need to work out how to do an i-cord bind-off.
Some of The Yarn Yard's new Alpaca/Wool/Nylon mix found its way to my house and is in the process of being turned into an Oz vest for Baby H

Oz Vest
My Knit Love Club parcel arrived - and I cast on a sock! The colour matches my Wolves shirt perfectly! The pattern is easily memorised and it is not too cold to knit on the bus at the moment. The yarn (Alchemy Juniper) is gorgeous, if a little splitty.


I've also messed up an increase round on my Hemlock ring blanket, and need to frog. Grrr.

Tomorrow I'm off to York for the weekend to meet up with fellow knitters in a convent. I can't wait... must bake cakes and sort out some stash to take for a p/hop auction type thing.


KnittingVicar said...

Love the Owls jumper. I really must cast one on! I fancy doing one in the colour of that sock yarn too!

I've also messed up the increases on my Hemlock Ring 2x and have now put a stitch marker between every pattern repeat to try and stop me doing it again!! Must be something about being pregnant....

Congratulations to you both! I'll be stalking you- our little ones are due a day apart!

Dawn said...

The Owls looks great, as does the hat. You seem to be starting quite a few new projects too, quite prolific at the moment!

Linda said...

Lovely knitting Roo and have a great weekend! Your plinth knit is on page 73 of the latest Rowan book, no: 47!!! I saw it and thought "thats Roo!"

Sally said...

I-cord bind-off... I think I used EZ's Knitting Around to learn that one. Really simple, but beware, ADDICTIVE. You'll want to finish everything this way!

Lovely to see you at the weekend xxx

Roobeedoo said...

Well you HAVE been busy! Looking forward to eharing about your weekend!