Saturday, March 14, 2009


George is coming on a treat desipte me forgetting (a) yarn (b) a tape measure and (c) the pattern on separate days this week.
One sleeve, a collar, two pockets and a button band to go! I blocked the pieces I have already made this morning and despite it seeming really small when knitting, it is actually the right size. Horay!

BUT... I have real issues with my stocking stitch on this garment. Can you see?
Maybe closer will help?
My stitches are really lopsided. Is all of my knitting like this and I have never noticed?
They are not perfect little v's - the left hand side of the stitch as you look at it is much tighter and more upright than the right. Is this just the way I knit? Is it the yarn? Am being really picky? Does anyone know a way of fixing it? I knit english style and throw my yarn. I experimented a bit on the way home last night knitting continental but the same thing happens.
Blocking does sort it out a bit... but not completely.


tea and cake said...

oo er, I've no idea why this is happening. I just looked at some stocking stitch I have on the needles, and it's even, just odd on the 'slubby' bits of the yarn. Has it happened with any other 'ordinary' yarn? It'll be interesting to find out though, won't it?
cheers, Karen x

Dave said...

I'd say it's the yarn. Is it a single?

Bryony Ramsden said...

I second Dave - my knitting is like this with certain yarns. It's just the way it settles. Looks fab either way though :)

Aknita said...

I'll third it's being the yarn.

It's a different problem to the one that led me to combination knitting. In my case in was experiencing loose purl stitches next to the rib stitches which was what I meant by rowing out.

George is a wonderful colour. It's the second one I have seen this week. I'm looking forward to seeing your finished one.

Walden said...

I fourth the problem, some yarn, the way it is twisted will do that. It's not you.

Saz said...

It's the yarn - I same thing happens to me when I knit with Rowan 4ply soft, but nothing else. Very mysterious...