Wednesday, March 11, 2009


The week away in Keswick gave me quite a bit of time to start planning new knits.

First up is George by Martin Storey. This comes from a now out of print Jaeger book JB 29 which I had wanted to get for a while as it is full of really good patterns for babies and children.
I kept being outbid for this on ebay and got annoyed so emailed Janette at Janette's Rare Yarns and she managed to get the last pack from Rowan. Absolutely fantastic customer service.
This is knit in the "new" Rowan extra fine merino, which is virtually identical to the old discontinued Jaeger. I did contemplate trying to do this top down in one piece, which would be so much easier.. but that kind of defeated the object of buying the book! So I will be seaming... Hmmm.
One sleeve and the left front down. The back is OTN at the moment.

I also had some time to swatch for bigger projects. This is King Cole Merino Blend Aran, and is destined to become Amelia from Knitty. After realising the pattern is written for worsted weight (this is definitely aran) I've had to go down a couple of needle sizes to get gauge, but I'm there now. After a panic that I didn't have enough yarn Lisa at First4Yarn has come to the rescue with some more balls in the same dyelot so I can cast on and not worry :o)

Ameilia swatch
Finally, the wedding stole/shrug thingie. I have an idea in my head... vaguely like the One Skein Wonder but in laceweight and a lacy pattern. I took my Barbara Walker stitch dictionaries with me to the lakes but only managed one swatch

Wedding Shrug Swatches
But, which way up looks best?

Wedding Shrug Swatches

However I have since thought that maybe I could modify an existing shawl pattern into a half hexagon - but I then realised that the back needs to be bigger than a triangle for it to fit... so this is the vague plan. I'll start at the top, cast on stitches for the neck, and use raglan increases to make two sleeves.

I'll cast off at the bottom back edge, but leave the sleeve stitches live and then join them in the round and knit a small cuff.
So the shrug won't really have a "front" - does that make sense. In my head it works, I think I need to make a "mini" one to see if it really does work.

Fingers crossed. Then all I have to do is find some ivory yarn to "match" my dress...


clarabelle said...

Wonderful knitterly stuff - I'm stunned at your output and ideas, Ruth! The wedding shrug sounds/looks wonderful.

I'm also trying to chase up the Channel Island cast-on you referred to: ingenious!

Dawn said...

You seem to be blogging every day this week!

I love the lace, think I prefer the second one - the lace pattern looks more like leaves on that one.

I can't see any problems with your shrug. I think there's an old IK wiht lots of shrugs in it (but not quite the same type as this one, this is more like a one skein wonder)

Sally said...

Ruth, I have a book about designing lace shawls and I am sure there is a section on designing semicircles / hexagons and the like.

I will dig it out and bring it to SkipNorth for you.

Roobeedoo said...

So, not much knitting time on holiday then?! Great progress. The shawl direction depends on whether you want to see flowers as you look down or want your audience to see them as they look at you - decisions decisions!Funnily enough, I was browsing First4Yarns and saw this little message "King Cole for Ruth" and was momentarily confused - had I asked for something and forgotten?! But it was for you all the time - phew!

Sharon said...

Knitty has a wedding shrug that you might be able to crib from: