Sunday, September 13, 2009

iKnit Weekender

Yesterday morning I got up earlier than I usually get up on a work day. I was booked on the 7.44 train to London in order for me to go and play at the iKnit Weekender in London.
I made a beeline for the p/hop stand to have my photo taken with the infamous barn raising quilt. I bought raffle tickets too - but didn't win. Looks like I'll have to make my own!
iKnit Weekender 2009
(Thanks to Jane for taking my photo!)
I was obviously too busy shopping, chatting and knitting to take any more photos. I wore my wedding shawl and it was admired by many people. I had fun spotting other Aeolian shawls - 4 or 5 at least!
Here is my little haul:
iKnit Weekender 2009
I surprised everyone by choosing the orange Herdy mug rather than the purple. I did try really hard not to buy any more purple yarn, but couldn't resist the buttery soft "Desire" from Skein Queen - it is destined for a hat - I'm thinking a beret with twisted stitches. The Laceweight turquoise yarn is from new indie dyer Sparkleduck - the yarn is a merino and silk mix and has a real sheen to it. Maybe Laminaria - certainly an appropriate colour. Finally some Malabrigo Lace - as I can never resist this yarn (and all of the crazy rainbow colours had sold). Oh, lastly a vest pattern from Blacker Designs. They had some gorgeous UK spun yarn from a wide variety of sheep - the alpaca yarn was fabulous.
Talking of Alpaca, I spent most of the day knitting on my Autumn Hoodie.
The second front is done. I joined the shoulder seams and blocked it this morning.
Autumn Hoodie
I found some mussel shell buttons from Textile Garden yesterday. The lady there let me pick through them until I found 5 matching ones - the side I'm going to use is the wrong side, but it matches my yarn really well.
Autumn Hoodie
Just a hood and button bands to go now. Will I be able to finish it in time for our honeymoon in Canada? We leave next Sunday!
Autumn Hoodie


Anna said...

I am loving the hoodie, the colour is absolutely gorgeous, can't wait to see the finished object!

Linda said...

Your hoodie is looking beautiful. It makes me want to knit cables!

Dawn said...

Good to see you yesterday (and the shawl). You hoodie looks great, I love that colour.

Roobeedoo said...

Yay! Of course you can finish it in time and it is looking lovely! Ooh a new indie dyer to investigate...

Ling said...

Hello! It was good to see you at the IKnit Weekender. The shawl was gorgeous in real life. The hoodie looks fabulous too. I'm sure you'll finish it soon.

katieh said...

Hi! i'm making your notebook in the notebook swap. It's pretty much ready to go, so could you please email me your address?

katie @ oxfordkitchenyarns dot com