Wednesday, October 28, 2009

House Progress

Natalie reminded me at iKnit day that I hadn't updated you on the project house in a while...
Well, since the start of the year we (mostly Tony) have gutted the place and filled 5 of these:
Skip 4
Ever wondered what a house looks like without internal walls, ceilings, plaster and wiring?
Upstairs bedrooms (without the dividing wall which moved when Tony tried to take the plaster off)
Bare Walls - September 2009
The other bedroom - the wall at the end is being extended.
Bare Walls - September 2009
Stairs (and my favourite window)
Bare Walls - September 2009
Lounge - you get the idea!
Bare Walls - September 2009

Tony has built new walls and put a new roof on the outhouse
The old
Outhouse Construction
Outhouse Construction
Ready for the bricklayer
Outhouse Construction
New walls and roof joists
Outhouse construction
Outhouse construction
From the top
Outhouse construction

So far all I have managed to clear the shrubs from the bay window!
Bay Window - clearing the vegetation

Bay Window - clearing the vegetation


Roobeedoo said...

That really IS a "full refurb"! How good to be able to take a house back to its bare bones and start again.... and hopefully get it absolutely "you"!

Dawn said...

It's a bit like building from scratch! My brother is a builder, always adding extensions/conservatory! I think you have the best job...

beanz said...

I assume you are not living in this?

6p00e54fc7dc9b8833 said...

I agree with you about that window.
We did something like that to ours... or rather we paid someone else to do it. It's really interesting when you strip out everything and the skeleton is revealed. I found it quite liberating, not being influenced by anything which had gone before.
Is the outhouse the knitting domain?... we could "Gather" there...

Emily said...

Ruth - we're up to the same thing here in Nottingham! blogging (irregularly -= this is me!) at
Must say we'll end up doing much less of it ourselves, but the trashing (tearing off strange battened walls) we've done so far has been tiring but great fun!

Linda said...

That scares me! You are doing well with it, it will be great to see pictures all through the refurb.

Ling said...

Can't wait to see the finished house. I think it'll look super!

Bryony Ramsden said...

Don't knock your shrub removing efforts! That takes time, energy and lots of bin/skip space/burning. And the dangers of thorns/small animals/insects too. You've done a mighty fine job :)

Also, that house is going to be amazing when finished - even seeing the bare walls with the windows makes it look, to me, like something a bit Blackadder-ish, in a beautiful, sparse way.