Saturday, February 02, 2008

Sock from my stash

After hearing about a new kind of sock club from Roobeedoo I decided I must join; as we all know how much sock yarn I have. January disappeared in a blink of an eye but I am determined to keep my resolutions and (a) use up some of my sock yarn and (b) knit for myself....
My random yarn for February is Yarn Yard sock yarn in "Peppermint Pink". I bought this with the intention of making some Monkey socks for me; as I loved the Koigu pair I made as a present last year. I've decided to knit the purl stitches, so these are flying along... this is how far I got on my daily commute yesterday.
monkey 009
Talking of knitting for myself. I am going to cast on for a jumper today... I've been Ravelry surfing all morning and I'm still unsure.
1. Rogue in the purple aran I bought back from Ireland (nearly 2 years ago)
2. Placed Cable Aran again in the purple aran from Ireland
3. Phyllo Yoked Pullover (Ravelry link) from Knitting Nature, in light blue calmer I bought in the sales. I like this one
4. Ms Marigold - with a higher v neck in purple matchmaker

I think number 1 is winning in my head at the moment.... what do you think? Or should I start on my Fyne vest?


Queen of the froggers said...

I like the Phyllo knit but I think that you should start Rogue! I love Rogue and purple aran sounds fab.

sue said...

Glad to see that your sock yarn stash is being used. I still sit and look at the wonderful skein you gave me, so beautiful. I think you should knit the Phyllo sweater as it looks beautiful and your weather will be getting warmer soon so you shall be able to wear it too.

Ling said...

My first choice is also Phyllo, but closely followed by Rogue. Go with your head. Go on....

Roobeedoo said...

Purple aran tweed Rogue sounds FAB! But so does anything by Norah ! Great Monkey pic!